Andrew Leslie

Australia, 1956

Having moved from Fremantle to Sydney in 2002, Andrew Leslie’s contribution to the AC4CA has been both unique and ephemeral – being the only founding artist member not to create a wall work. In early 2005, Leslie established SNO (Sydney Non Objective), a gallery-based version of the AC4CA, with fellow artist Billy Gruner. Since this beginning, SNO has produced more than 100 monthly exhibitions by local and international artists. A decade on, Leslie remains the current SNO Director.

Leslie has exhibited widely both in Australia and abroad, with work included in major public and private collections, such as the National Gallery of Australia and Resmed Collections. He has recently been involved in exhibitions in Germany, Austria and Hungary, the latter also accompanied by an artist residency at the Parallel Foundation in Budapest.

Leslie’s artwork questions the way perception is subject to the frameworks of contemporary society and culture. Through the language of abstraction, the simple relationship between colour, form and materiality (or the problematisation of this relationship) is used to make the viewer query their perception, and by extension the very processes by which seeing is constructed and knowledge is formed; he is represented by Annandale Galleries in Sydney.