About AC4CA

The AC4CA was initiated in 2001 by gallerist and academic Julian Goddard and a group of artists living and practicing in Fremantle, Western Australia. The groups stated objectives were to

‘establish a national/international foundation which promotes artistic activities relating to the guiding principles of the international movement known as Concrete Art. The general principles of Concrete Art reflect an emphasis on the material basis of art making, non representation, purity/singularity and a focus on the process of construction’

Since its inception the AC4CA has grown into an international network of artists holding regular collaborative exhibitions in and outside Australia and continuing to foster public wall-works. The cross-generational and international composition of membership attests to the currency of the group’s interest and the nature of Concrete Art.  The AC4CA has managed to evolve in a way that reflects its opportunities and possibilities while staying true to the initial intention of supporting and presenting neo-Concrete Art in the public domain. This clear intention continues to direct and drive our activities.